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San Antonio 水 System strives to provide superior customer service at all times. Whether you need emergency assistance or simply have a question about your bill, we’re here to help. 点击这里 for quick answers to some of the service questions we hear most.

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Backflow Prevention

The goals of SAWS Backflow Prevention Program are to safeguard public drinking water and protect the health of our customers. 点击这里 for answers to some of the backflow questions we hear most.

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Have you recently received a letter stating you’re in violation of the Municipal Code? Want to know more about the conservation ordinance citation process? 点击这里 to view the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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SAWS first added fluoride to the system’s water supply in August 2002. 点击这里 for answers to some frequently asked questions about fluoridation.



Did you know cooking 油脂 being poured down the drain is a major cause of residential sewer clogs? 点击这里 for everything you need to know about (恶心!) 油脂.

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Looking for answers about the application process? Most questions can be answered instantly by checking out our HR Frequently Asked Questions. 点击这里 for answers to all your registration needs.

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Industrial Stormwater

SAWS’ Resource Compliance division focuses on two state-mandated programs — Storm 水 and Pretreatment — to protect storm water and wastewater quality. 点击这里 for quick answers to some of the industrial stormwater questions we hear most.

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Rain sensors let your sprinklers run only when it’s needed, which conserves water, saves you money, and protects your lawn from the effects of over-watering. 点击这里 to view the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Stormwater Construction

Construction sites or construction activities that discharge storm water are regulated by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under the Construction General Permit. 点击这里 for everything you need to know about construction compliance.

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水ing Efficiently

Year-round, landscape watering is allowed before 11 a.m. and after 7 p.m. 每一天. 水ing by hand-held hose or with a 5-gallon bucket is allowed any time. 点击这里 for faqs about watering rules & tips for your lawn.


SAWS’ long-term commitment to providing our customers with excellent drinking water has been proven through the years. Click a link bellow for answers to some of the water questions we hear most.